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The Marine Industry Science and Technology Cluster is a regional group of organizations involved in the development and implementation of applied technologies for operating in, working around, and monitoring the marine and coastal environments. Our large and small businesses, federal, state and local agencies, universities, and nonprofits through their applied technology efforts support other related marine industries. These include commercial & recreational fishing, shipbuilding, defense, aqua-mariculture, off shore oil & gas, and environmental restoration and recovery to name a few. The MIST Cluster Program is where technology innovators, often through partnerships come together with industry end-users to understand each other's capabilities and needs and collaborate to foster expanded business and address shared issues. Supported in part by a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Regional Innovation Cluster contract, the Mississippi Enterprise for Technology, Inc., the University of Southern Mississippi, and their cluster program Team Members provide Direct Services and Linking Services to assist MIST Cluster members. These services address the 3 Cs of Counseling, Capital access, and Contracting -with the government and primes. This includes aiding government agencies and large businesses identify local companies to assist them in meeting small business goals and connecting with the innovative culture of these small high-tech firms. The MIST Cluster’s network of hundreds of connected expert professionals lets you come to one place for hard-to-find talent without investing your time or the cost of recruiting firms. This guide helps provide the business intelligence you need to find proven, talented partners for your team.

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This guide contains companies and experts within the marine industries and science technology federal contracting community formatted in a way which provides the critical information you need to choose a partner or subcontractor for a federal opportunity.

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The NAICS Index provides a reverse look up to companies by NAICS code so you can quickly find the right potential company for you next opportunity.

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